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How It Works

Create Hockey Pool

Customizable Pool Creation

Step 1. Create your pool

Creating and customizing your pool has never been easier. With Officepools' comprehensive pool creation wizard, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to customizing and starting your pool.

Invite Your Friends

Invite Your Friends without the Hassle

Step 2. Invite your friends

Invite your friends by either sending them the "Shareable Invite Link" that you can also share using your favourite social media platforms; or by sending them invites straight to their email accounts.

View Your Team

Simple Team Creation

Step 3. Your friends create their teams

Your friends will be able to create their team and select their picks easily by using our intuitive picking feature.

Compete With Your Friends

Comprehensive Pool Standings

Step 4. See how your team is doing

With our comprehensive standings view, you and your friends will be able to see the different stats pertaining to your pool. You will also be able to see the stats of specific team's picks.

Pool Types Available

Box Pool Icon

Box Pool

A "Box Pool" is where poolies build their teams by picking players from the pre-arranged groups. Admins have the option of using one of OfficePools expertly crafted templates OR building one of their own. Box Pool's are great for large groups where player knowledge is widely varied.

Draft Pool Icon

Draft Pool

A "Draft Pool" is where poolies take turns selecting one player at a time to create a unique team. Admins have the option of hosting their draft through the online Draftroom OR by entering in the offline draft results themselves.

Open Pool Icon

Open Pool

An "Open Pool" allows for players to belong to multiple poolies. Admins would set their roster requirements and then tell their poolies to submit their teams based on the pool criteria.

Draft Pool Icon

Pick'em Pool

A "Pick'em Pool" is where participants predict the winner of the matchups presented on the schedule. Points accumulate for every correct prediction.

Box Pool Icon

Survivor Pool

A "Survivor Pool" is where participants predict the winner OR loser (depending on pool format) of one game on that week's schedule. The objective is to be the last participant with at least one life remaining.

Open Pool Icon

Streak Pool

A "Streak Pool" is where participants predict the winner of one game on the pick schedule. As soon as the game result has been revealed, the poolie can make their next prediction. The objective is to build the longest winning streak.